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Why it is so difficult to locate a guy that is decent date?

Why it is so difficult to locate a guy that is decent date?

I’m 36 yr old, feminine. Well educated/travelled/dressed. Fit and attractive. work with technology == financially stable. Own my spot.

It is not just me personally, all my single girlfriends have actually the exact same challenge/complaints. Individuals say the Silicon Valley is filled with dudes, not a great deal in my opinion. 1/5 are super nerdy and don’t understand human emotions. 1/5 don’t want young ones. I make and I’m not very comfortable with that (I gave up the hope for equal-income partner long time ago 1/5 I don’t find attractive, 1/5 make less than 50% of what. Offered we have actually typical tech salary, 50% means he has to hold a great work). The remainder 1/5 feel they have been too beneficial to me personally.

(Well these parts overlap and so the mathematics does not actually work, but you’ve got the concept)

Any a few ideas what I can perform? I might appreciate dudes’ viewpoint. Many Many Thanks!

Some back ground, I’m an immigrant, this means it took me a complete great deal of the time and work to secure into the Silicon Valley.